Working at Lush, I have gained a lot of knowledge about things. So here it is :)
(This is my opinion and I know I don't know everything, but this is how I see things :))

Taken from Lush staff room :) 

Little story for anyone who has ever had to reign in the twitches when a parent forbids their son to buy Space Girl or their daughter to buy Ickle Bot - we had a family in last week who were stocking up. Their 3yr old son chose Pink Fun as his treat, to which his Mum rolled her eyes a little and called out to his Dad ‘I hope you know your son only likes pink. PINK!’ To which her daughter (about 11) drew herself up to full height, put this haughty face on and proclaimed ‘actually, we don’t believe in gender stereotyping in THIS family!’ LOVE IT. +1, little girl, +1!


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